1. LuPix_S15

    GT Spoiler going, going...

    Guys, I'm thinking recently that the GT spoiler look is getting very tired and fancy a change. Was gonna get new struts made up for the whole thing to sit even higher and go crazy but after seeing Phil's DW S15 up front @ JDM Allstars Manchester I'm in love!!!! :smitten: What you guys...
  2. D

    What does a VIN and chassis no read like?

    Hey guys Looking at buying an S15 - wanted to know of an example Engine number and chassis number so I know what they should read like. Currently only going off what sellers are telling me over the phone! Thanks all
  3. kimi

    head unit choices

    Need your opinion please guys, i've uprated my speakers to infinitys and i'm now looking at a new headunit, as the 1 in my car is a crappy panasonic. i've got my eye on a kenwood or clarion ...what do you guys recommend ? everyone keeps telling me to get alpine,i know they are good but look a...