1. oilman

    Engine Oil Viscosity

    Engine Oil Viscosity Viscosity is the most misunderstood aspect of oil and yet it is the most important. Viscosity is the force required to shear (break) the oil at a certain speed and temperature. Oils work because they have viscosity; the drag of a rotating part pulls oil from a low-pressure...
  2. tooley

    Engine oil temperatures.

    Gents, What temperatures do your cars usually operate when :- Crusing 70-90mph hard acceleration 90-160 mph applications Mine currently is at 120 degrees C @ 90mph 110@ 70mph then will shoot up to 140-150 degrees C when i go over 100 mph 150 degrees when over 130mph. off road of corse...
  3. J

    FS: Endless Brake Pads CC-X

    I am selling my spare pads, these are brand new and unused. Great pads for fast road and occasional track day, it really feel the difference in braking. Proven to perform well on both street and track conditions, this original formula, ceramic carbon metal base compound has the ability to...