1. C

    Noise from Front Tension Rod

    Hey all, problem solving time: I'm getting a loud clunk noise when driving at any speed, turning, going over bumps or cambered roads. Its the front driver's side tension rod I believe. I have adjustable ones, not sure of brand I took it out tonight and one of the two metal pieces circles here...
  2. Parky

    FS: Parts left off my 15 for sale

    Prices don't include postage. Paypal or bank transfer, split paypal fees 50/50 as always to keep things fair. Custom made C-Pillar brace - £90 Nardi 330mm Deep Corn steering wheel, black leather, silver spokes, excellent condition, with horn button £150 Raid quick release boss, good solid...
  3. dave_t

    FS: Genuine Cusco Front Lower Tension Rod Brace (Refurbished) - S14/S15

    Item: I don't see me fitting this anytime soon so i am putting it up for-sale. Genuine Cusco Front Lower Tension Rod Brace which i have professionally refurbished in gloss black for a more subtle look. Media Blasted - Primed - Sanded Imperfections - Re-Primed - Gloss Black Top Coat - Baked...
  4. billy_t15

    FS: Tension arms

    For sale Fully adjustable front tension arms in a good useable condition rose joints need a good greasing when fitting £60 ono pics on request
  5. Benne

    WTB: front right lower control arm, tension rod and wheel hub assembly w knuckle spindle

    Just need to get a chassis back on wheels again so seaching for front right suspension parts except the strut/spring: S14 or S15 front right - lower control arm - tension rod - knuckle complete with wheelhub I don´t care if the parts are rusty or worn, just need to get a wheel mounted...
  6. T

    WTB: s15 tension rod bracket / arm

    Does anyone have the near side one of these Tension Rod braces available please ??
  7. V

    Do Luck Rear Tension Set - S15

    We have in stock a very rare and sought after Do Luck Rear Tension Set comprising of the Rear Tension Gauge and Rear Tension Bar for the Nissan Silvia S15. The Do Luck Rear Tension Set has been designed to prevent chassis flex by connecting the rear of the vehicle with the centre. It is...
  8. V

    Nismo Tension Rods for S14 and S15

    We have a mint condition Nismo Tension Rod set (Part No. 54460-RSR40) for the S14 and S15 Nissan Silvia. The NISMO Tension Rod Set is a great way to improve the steering of your vehicle. They use strengthened rubber bush to reduce flex and in turn make the car more predictable during...
  9. andeep

    FS: S15 Suspension Parts

    S15 Full Suspension - £100 S15 Alignment Arms - Traction, Camber, Toe and Tension All bushes are in very very good condition, apart from one of the front tension rod bushes which is leaking. - £20 a pair All bits off a 60,000 mile S15 Good offers will not be refused. Collected from Potters...
  10. S

    Boot Lid Spring tension adjustment?

    I recently removed the wing / spoiler from my Spec R GT , and since there is less weight on the bootlid it springs open at a rapid rate. Not such a problem if you unlock it with the Key but its a bit of a PITA if you open it from the drivers seat. I tried removing one of the tension rods (...
  11. A

    Wich tension rods???

    Wich tension rods is better? Cusco (expensive), Kazama or what else??? Kazama looks good and the price is smaller: or are they the same ?