1. 2fst4u

    Bovs; or lack thereof

    My fake SSQV that my car came with is making my car run terrible and gives massive after fires on run off. A real one or maybe a decent turbosmart one will probably fix all my woes BUT for now, I'm thinking no bov might be better than a terrible one. Does anyone have any ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE of...
  2. Sims77

    Tyre recommendations

    I've had a look but I can't see any thread about them. What do you guys recommend? I've got Federal 595 Evo on mine at the minute but they're terrible! The were imported with the car and in the wet they're dangerous.
  3. K

    What bumper is this?

    Sorry for the terrible picture will try and get a better one on the weekend, how ever can anyone identify what bumper it is? Thanks in advance!
  4. S

    HELP - Boot Giving Terrible Squeaking Noise

    Hi All, Need help, I've been experiencing terrible squeaking sound from behind, which im not pretty sure whether it comes from the boot or not. Especially when the road is uneven the noise will become louder. It sounds like some steel assembly frictions... The noise very obvious produced...