1. justin666

    Thankyou thread to Craig8585

    Just a small token of my gratitude to Craig for helping me out today with the car :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: With his help we just about got to the bottom of the non start issue and after much head scratching the car finally burst back into life!!!!! Not gonna go in to details here as...
  2. richy200

    WTB: gear surround and centre console

    I'm after the centre console (radio surround bit) and the gear surround. Does anyone have this thankyou
  3. H

    FMIC battery fixing

    Hi, Just fitting my Apex Type 1 intercooler and have drilled the hole in the battery tray and swivelled the battery around but not sure on how to fix it back on again. Will I need to drill any holes to fix it in again? Thankyou :wave:
  4. P

    hid kit

    Thinking of upgrading the stock halogen setup i have. is it a h1 6000k kit i need???:) thankyou
  5. J


    Hi all can anyone tell me where can i buy a "200sx" badge? I've search in Ebay and Yahoo... but i can't find thankyou!