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    Engine Torque Dampers?

    has any one got one? do thay make a differnce? (or are thay just like "go faster" stripes:annoyed:) any probs with them? ect
  2. D

    WTB: Coil Assy-ignition!!

    Coilpack Wanted!! Hallo! After my car has been in the garage for about 7weeks. I started it yesterday. The problem is that it goes on 3cylinders. So now I want Coilpack (part nr:22448-91F00, Coil assy-ignition) And yes I have checked here in Sweden, and thay don´t have any. Can you guys heck...
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    Power FC Knock Level

    For those with Apex-i Power FC, the instruction manual says : "There is no value to the Knock Level. Please be aware that "0" may not be the only value when the vehicle is not detonating. There is no Knock retard system within the Power FC". How is it that some people reported thay can read...