1. sibbers

    WTB: Decent non sat nav dash local to Middlesex/Surrey

    My dashboard has a Jdm sat nav that's flocked and just looks daft not being used so I fancy the idea of switching it out. Thought I'd throw this out just in case someone nearby has one going. No rush, but it's definately on the to do list.
  2. M

    WTB: Looking for some parts

    Just a few parts I'm after 50mm Rear d-max over fenders 7 point bolt in cage, dash or throw dash Vertex lang front bumper, a copy or a real one not fused
  3. Packham

    New Spec R Owner From Sheffield

    Hi all, just thought I'd say hello and throw up a pic of my new S15. All seems to be good with the car except, a whirring noise which I think is the throw out baring :o So hello! :wave:
  4. Krish

    Has any body ever cut their shifter?

    I've seen some people do it on other cars. Obviously it's not as good as the real thing... But they are hard to get hold of. I have the URAS solid shifter which is an improvement to stock but the throw is the same. Has anyone ever cut the shifter before? If so did it make any difference? The...
  5. J

    FS: Diff swap?

    hi, im after a 2way for my 15. I've got the standard helical diff at the moment and didnt know might be interested in a swap? (depending on the make i will throw cash your way) I dont mind driving to you as long as you have a garage near by who can swap them over? let me know :)
  6. 70YSR

    WTB: need boost control!!!!

    hey all.. so it turns out i've managed to break my mechanical 2 stage boost control so i'm in need of a new one... need to be able to hit boost and not cut out :( so throw me a message if you have an electronic boost control for sale and willing to ship to brisbane, australia. cheers
  7. sliding-r

    Gear Shifter throw too long and poor headlights!!!

    hi, i was wondering if people have chopped there gear lever down to shorten the throw? or is it best to buy a short shifter, im finding the throw annoyingly long also my lights are **** on dipped and moderate on full any tips on lights? hid kit the right , mod? i know they were on my ek9...
  8. S

    s14/180sx front

    A friend of mine brought this in from japan just said id throw it up to see what people think..i think its very nice and different!!!:thumbs:
  9. G

    Does your oil filter look like this?

    This is my second change at 3500 miles using 5W40 synthetic oil. Look closely at the +40micron crap. If you are up to it, dont throw away your filter in your next oil change. Open it up at the base. Be careful of oil spillage. Share it here... thanks.
  10. C

    FS: Genuine S15 Aero Kit, Melbourne

    Its the genuine stuff no fibreglass copies. Its currently sprayed in white and blue pearl. Throw me your offers. Ill start it at $2000 for the full kit. Considering some people are asking just that much for the front bar, ill throw in 2 piece side skirts and rear bar with pods, and front bar...