1. V

    WTB: WTB: a pair of brand new headlights

    Hi all , would like to know where i can get some of these or if anyone selling a used pair in great condition thx
  2. E

    Which Bodykit is this???

    I hope here I will get my answer...!? I found this Kit on youtube and made a screenshot. Does anyone know which Kit this is? Or has more pictures? I like it very much, looks very aggresive! Here is the link to youtube at 1:30 THX
  3. W

    How to import a vehicle from Ireland to UK?

    Can anyone help me please... i want to improt a S15 from the Ireland, but i dont know what steps i need to do in order to drive the vehicle legally on the road.... Many THX
  4. J

    Bodykit clearance from ground

    Guys, How low can you go to clear a standard speed hump? Is 150mm sufficient? Thx
  5. M

    S15 dimensions hood

    Hello all. please, i need dimension front hood from nissan S15. ?????? thx very much -------- my project: