1. L

    engine bay plug

    anyone know what the plug that sits behind the expansion bottle? part of the abs system? can't find any info on it and doing abs delete and loom tidy up but wondering if it can be left unplugged
  2. L

    Air vent ring colour??

    Hi guys, I'm after the colour of this if anybody knows it? I've had to take a Dremel to it to fit a gauge tidy and took abit of the paint off [emoji17] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. S

    Dashboard options. Help needed.

    I have removed my head unit and connected items and I am left with a small issue and how best to tidy it up. On the Dash I had mounted a screen that was stuck down with a/some double sided sticky pads. Underneath this there is some minor damage to the dash. How best can I tidy this up. I have...
  4. DeanS15

    anyone familiar with this car?

    http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1621322.htm looks tidy, and familiar, did it used to be on here - if anyone knows anything about it it would be helpful as someone i know is interested in it ;)
  5. M

    FS: S15 Lexus style Rear Lights

    Bought these as I thought they would go with the colour of my car. They did (I thought). Then decided to sell the car, so didnt bother putting them on! :wack: I really dont know what heyre worth any more. Having a tidy up /clear out (expect more bits for sale Im finding :wack: ) £60...
  6. LuPix_S15

    Anyone looking for a white Spec-R Aero?

    Looks like Mike and the guys down at Torque GT have already found another nice example... http://www.torque-imports.co.uk/cardetails.php?c=47 Personally, I don't really like the high level Nismo spoiler but the rest looks really tidy. Light mods as well so a good base for it's next owner.