1. JDM_virgin

    3" downpipe and elbow for s14/s15

    Access Denied will fit an s15 but is a tight fit. willing to sell outside of the bay to forum members
  2. A

    super tight screw I cant undo.

    I want to get that metal panel off behind the glove box to change the polen filter but theres 1 screw that is really tight, the screwdriver doesn't get enough grip even if I push hard & its starting to mangle the crosshead. Any tips on how to get it undone?
  3. JDM_virgin

    WTB: Branded down pipe and elbow

    As in the title, 3 inch down pipe and elbow- stainless obviously. I bought toyo sport ones and the downpipe is tight against the passenger footwell so eventually something will crack :( lesson learnt but cheap but twice :(
  4. crazymat666

    air leaks?where to check its driving me mad.

    right so ive got a air leak because when i put my foot down i can hear a high pitch noise which is a air leak i took my dump valve off because i thought the t-piece on the bore was too big which it was and replaced it was the original pipe i had which is now the right size and tight but i cant...
  5. S15_SAM

    JAPFEST 2013 see events page, japfest 2013 post 22

    Just a note if your going to japfest please check events area and the thread mike started! :) see post 22 for PayPal details etc. bit of a tight deadline and need payment for tickets by 24th of march cheers Sam
  6. Aurora61

    Boost leak + compressor surge

    Today, i was driving at pretty fast speeds and suddenly i hear the bov open during throttle. Afterwards i cant seem to hit boost. Ive had intercooler pipes loosen before, so i immediately checked the piping but seems to be on tight. Additionally, i am getting compressor surge even without...
  7. S

    Bumper Removal?

    Hi guys I'm in the process of fitting my front mount intercooler and got a bit stumped on how to remove the bumper. I have removed the standard intercooler piping, under tray and arch liners. I have removed the screws from each side and the 5 push clips on top. Is that the lot? It still seems...
  8. S15_SAM

    Steering tight on RH turn

    Hey guys. Just a quicky! Basically when I turn the steering wheel quickly in a RH turn the steering goes tight for a second and then frees up again. It doesn't do it on LH turn only on RH. Any ideas?
  9. B

    FS: WANTED: S15 aftermarket front bumper

    Looking for a front bumper for my s15. I recently put aero skirts on it so im looking for a bumper that will match these skirts. Nothing too mental looking or hovercrafty. Possibly a tidy vertex style one?? Money is tight as usual so prob just looking at getting a copy. So what have ye lads?;)
  10. - 0h -

    gear knob is a bit loose on the thread

    hi guys.. i got Trust gearknob ones and it seems that its loosing a bit on the thread.. how do i fix this to make it fit tight? cheers
  11. lvaleiron

    Engine knock when A/C on

    I've been trying to search about this with no luck... my car recently has been doing a knocking sound only when the A/C is on. I've tried to check if the bolts on the upper side of the compressor where loose but it's pretty tight up there... has anyone had this issue with their car? what do you...
  12. TriniGT

    Looking for Pics TE37s on Black S15

    Does anyone have pics of TE37s on a black S15? Looking to see what it can look like. My car is nearing final stages bodywise and need to decide on wheels. I currently have Rota GTR wheels with 18X9.5 +12mm but I am thinking it will be a tight fit .................. very tight so I am looking...