1. A

    Door rattle, screw wont tighten up.

    I had a rattle in the door so took the trim off & its the bracket that sits inside the pull handle of the door trim, the 2 bolts #4 that holds bracket #5 wont tighten they just pop out of the hole when it gets to a certain tightness, any ideas how to make them stay in or I figured I could get a...
  2. LuPix_S15

    URGENT: How do I tighten HANDBRAKE cable?

    Hola, Need to urgently work out how to tighten my handbrake cable for DWYB tomo :) I've seen an opening in the plastic cover near the base of the handbrake but with little light this morning, I could only spot summat circular and black inside that can possibly turn with a tool... is this the...