1. T

    New to the Forum, Hello!

    Hi everyone, brand new to the forum and figured my first step would be to say hi! I'm from Canada and I just bought a JDM S15 Spec R, which I haven't even seen yet. Definitely not new to Nissan's, I have also owned an R33 GTST and a 370Z track, as well as helped build and race an S13 SR20 swap...
  2. T

    onboard footage from my S15 @ TT-assen

    i took my S15 on the TT circuit assen in holland. the track was very slippery and no grip. on the back i have Federal tires, very bad rain tire but it makes my car a handfull. http://youtu.be/DCECo4joyPg
  3. subzero

    Tire recommendations ?

    hi there. drive an s15 which has a fair bit of power, just wondering any1 suggest a good tire . im after something that wears well and has good grip in the wet, as she's a bit of a handfull on the irish twisty roads. was reading through previous posts but only found suggestions for track...