1. Tony


    Hi guys! Here I'am again with my stupid questions..hehhe have anyone tried converting to z32afm and driving the car without a remap....?? Is It even possible..? best regards. T.M
  2. Tony

    S15 afm

    Hi guys.. Does anyone know how much power Spec-R Afm can take..? I have heard 350 hp...... true?? have anyone tried Lathing It up....??? best regards: T.M
  3. Tony

    WTB: S15 oem gearknob..?

    Hi there.. just wanted to check if anyone sells a oem S15 gearknob in good condition for a good price..?? Best regards T.M
  4. Tony

    Backlash on driveshaft

    Hey ya all.. I was on a car inspection a while ago. the inspector felt on the driveshaft and there was a slight play,not much.. He said to me not to worry.. but I want to check anyway.. Is that common on S15....?? Best regards T.M