1. S15AK

    removing wiper arms

    Hi Guys Haven't really taken a proper look how to do this yet, but my front windscreen wiper arms are looking a little knackered (stone chips and a little rust). So I want to remove them so I can sand them down and paint them. Anyone taken them off before and what tools will I need? I've...
  2. S

    WTB: S15 ABS unit under rear seat / jack and tools / boot carpet.

    Hi All As in title I need ABS unit under rear seat / jack and tools / boot carpet. Chris
  3. DeanS15

    oil filter removal tools

    just for anyone thats interested, theres a guy over on sxoc selling filter removal tools that can actually be used on the sr. i've tried a couple and this looks like 'the one' lol. heres a link to anyone interested :)
  4. G

    Radiator Drain Plug

    Hi all, While I was doing my oil change yesterday, I removed the plastic under tray to do a coolant change as well. To my horror, the radiator drain plug which is made of plastic has been smoothened. :furious: It was supposed to be for a 4 point screw driver but now its a big hole - no way...
  5. A

    Fitting VTC Solenoid

    I finnaly have my new Solenoid to replace the old one. Now the questions are. Can I replace it myself? How hard is it? What tools do I need? How do I change it? I can't wait to put this in.