1. gaz15

    importing an s15 spec R

    :wave: Hi just new to this forum, was wondering if anyone could help me out looking to import a 2002 s15 spec R, im new to importing and live in northern ireland so not sure whats the best way to do it but heres some ive been looking at
  2. S


    Hi. I'm going to be importing an S15 very soon, and was going to use torque-gt to help source me a nice example, and sort all the paperwork out. The only thing is im going into this a bit blind, as i will be dealing with the company over phone and e-mail only. I live in mid Wales, which is a...
  3. Mark_D

    fresh s15 in at torque-gt

    Hey, Sitting here bored today wondering what to do lol so i thought i'd have a look at a few sites, one of which was torque-gt who appear to have a new pewter s15 in. I'd guess a few of you may have already seen it, but as far as i know its only been on there a couple of days as i was only on...
  4. S

    White Aero S15

    Theres a white S15 for sale not too far from me at a trader called Top Blitz ( I spoke to them over the phone and they said that they have their cars imported for them through an uncle and are not bought at auction. The mileage is 29k and I asked them if they had a...