1. I

    Nismo Bits and Bobs In stock ready to rock!

    Hi Everyone, I'm Matt...formerly with Touge, but now going it alone due to several reasons. Not getting any of my ordered parts from Touge being the main one! I currently have a load of Nismo bits and bobs in stock if anyone is interested. Check out our Facebook page here to see whats on...
  2. M

    Hello To everyone from Touge!

    Hi there everybody. I'm Matt from Touge EU. To those who don't know who we are check out our site. Our site has over 30000 products, and the vast majority of these are the cheapest you will find. We are always willing to work out discounts and group buys for loyal...
  3. sliding-r

    Awesome touge video- 20 mins.. Must see I've seen touge videos before but this has to one of the best, crammed with s15's aswell
  4. J

    Hillclimb s15 action

    Havin some fun at the local hillclimb just held, Just like the "touge" but a little more police friendly! :)
  5. mint

    Hitting up the touge

    Yesterday a had a street FULL of Japanese Cars.. -s15 -MX5 -Evo3 -Evo7 -DC2 -DC2 -DC5 -Mazda 3 -Mazda 3 -Civic Coop Then the Police rolled on up in 2 wagons.. was pretty dam funny, So we headed out to the touge for some snaps.. Pic's thanks to Thacko from :thumbs: 1...