1. D

    New clutch ? help ?

    Hi :) I have a s15 spec r, running about 310bhp but in a few months it will be around 400. I use this car as a daily so i dont want something horrible to drive in traffic. My clutch has started slipping. Wondering which clutch to go for as i have about £400 to spend. i have been looking at a...
  2. Fasthands

    Paignton near Focus DIY 8th June 2011

    I was just pulling out of Focus around 4:15 pm ish, and saw the back end of a white S15. Number plate S15 OMG. Had Aero rear spoiler I think. Bloody traffic stopped me getting beside you to say HI.....:p Sweet car from what I could see..
  3. P

    Squeeky Clutch Slave Cylinder

    I have a pretty loud squeek comming from the slave cylinder whenI depress the clutch. It seems to get better once things are warmed up, but its sure as hell anoying when crawling in traffic etc. Its pretty loud and can be heard from outside, I swear one day I will get a funny look from people...
  4. Yakozan

    Video: How to avoid traffic jams :)

    as the topics says :D
  5. D


    Hi guys :wave: spotted a standard'ish looking grey s15 on cherwell street in banbury (by the matalan traffic lights) any one local to me or just passing through ? very nice looking car stood out a mile in the traffic :cool: anyone from here ?? cheers mat