1. ryan3

    Trax 2016

    Here's a few pics I took at TRAX yesterday... First of all the S15's (there were quite a few others that I spotted but my phone had died by that point): And here's one of mine being washed the day before TRAX as I completely forgot to take any pics of it yesterday! Also a...

    FS: BGW

    £175 collected from Gloucester / trax / forge / players FRP
  3. P

    Open Event: Trax 2012

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you all know that Trax 2012 ( takes place on the 2nd September at Silverstone and gives you guys the opportunity to drive the F1 circuit. We are doing a special deal for clubs like yourselves where clubs get in for only £15 a £5 saving on the...
  4. J

    Open Event: Chris Forsberg to drive Japspeed S15!

    American drift king Chris Forsberg is coming to the UK to perform his 'Bottle Trick' at Trax this Sunday at Silverstone in Team Japspeed's S15 usually driven by Danny Eyles. Trax is the ultimate petrolhead show and naturally the rest of the Japspeed stable will be attending along with Maxxis...
  5. LuPix_S15

    Trax 2007

    Hello :wave: Anyone going to TRAX this Sunday (2nd September)? I'll be there showing off the car with the Streetrace people. Shame we can't get an S15OC stand together this year as it looks like we are running out of shows?! If anyone's interested, it should be a pretty cool event. All takes...