1. fez06

    WTB: turbo elbow triangle gasket

    As above I'm after a New metal one. If anyone has one for sale or know where I can get one let me know. Needs to be 3" too Cheers
  2. B

    How do i replace this plastic triangle part?

    how do i get the plastic triangle out from the corner of the door? mine is cracked and i have a replacement but not sure how to get it out!
  3. I

    WTB: S15 Spec R GT Bootlid

    Need a S15 Spec R GT boot lid the one with the triangle brake light
  4. P

    WTB: Aero Rear Spoiler

    Has anyone got one of these that they would sell and how much? I would need one in white and mint condition cos im looking at a grade 4.5 car but it only has the little spoiler and i want the one with the triangle brake light in.