1. F

    Start Up Problems ***NEED HELP*** urgent

    ***HELP NEEDED**** I have a big Problem. Short to the situation. Engine is Build up new. Ecumaster ECU direct cabling without P&P Adapter Trying the first start up. Base Map is ok and works on an other S15 RPM is there Cam Sync is on synrconized BUT CAM1 angle is on -722° Tryed a lot...
  2. T

    Help Installing Alarm

    I'm installing a Viper Responder 350 and I need help location these wires under the kick panel area: If you can give me the: Location Color Pole (-/+) may need this ??? 1.12volt constant 2. Ignition 3. Starter 4. Parking lights 5. Door trigger 6. Trunk trigger Lastly I need to figure out...
  3. R-Spec

    S15 CAS trigger wheel

    :wave: Has anyone got any pics of the internal trigger wheel? wonder if its the same as the RBs?