1. TriniGT

    Need Some Help Finding these

    I am looking for these items for my two S15 doors, 78859+A 78860+A 76860-85F10 76861-85F10 Can anyone help me get these new or used with mounting screws? Need them shipped to Trinidad as well. Jason.
  2. TriniGT

    WTB: CF Trunklid

    Can anyone point me in a direction to get a new or used carbon fibre trunklid and who can ship to Trinidad in the West Indies?
  3. TriniGT

    WTB: BN Sports Widebody Kit

    I am looking for a BN Sports Widebody Kit for my S15 over here in Trinidad. Can anyone source this for me and can tell me the price of this shipped to me over here in Trinidad in the West Indies? Postal Code is TT. Let me know as soon as possible, PM me please. Jason. Just to give you an...