1. S

    WTB: looking for a Trunk

    hi there I am looking for an OEM trunk. Please PM me if you have one for sale and are willing to ship to Germany Greetings
  2. ArTo

    FS: DMAX Style Trunk Spoiler FRP

    Hey, for sale a brand new FRP Trunk Spoiler DMAX Style. 80 € + Shipping
  3. H

    "Trunk release"

    I know I'm kinda stating obvious, but on the back rest of my rear seats there is a small round yellow hole with "trunk release" stamped into it. inside there appears to be a button of sorts which did nothing when pressed (boot was closed at the time) is there meant to be some kind of cable...
  4. Saxon

    WTB: Boot Lid

    Hi all, After an OEM boot lid. If it has the holes from the aero spoiler in it then that's fine. At some point in its past, mine has had an aero spoiler added and the holes were drilled by a blind man with one arm with no care taken to protect the bare metal afterwards and as a result there...
  5. Johnny

    WTB: S15 trunk carpet mat...

    hi I need trunk carpet mat in good condition
  6. Johnny

    WTB: Trunk interior mat-carpet

    WTB OEM trunk carpet for s15 but neet to be in good condition
  7. Johnny

    WTB: sideskirts spec R, rear trunk spoiler, rear right fender(wheel side)

    s15 as above I need this parts Pm' me
  8. holzkreuz

    WTB: Some OEM Parts for my S15

    I'm looking for the following parts for my S15. - OEM Bootlid with or without Spoiler, doesnt matter - OEM Dashboard with vents and maybe with the satnav screen, dont need the unit! - OEM Gear Surround with Gearknob - OEM Carpet Trunk Floor Please send me pictures incl. price with shipment to...
  9. W

    Request: s15 with origin trunk wing

    Hi guys I'm looking for photos of the s15 with an origin trunk wing There's only one on the origin site I'm not looking for the OEM boot spoiler Cheers
  10. Mange

    WTB: OEM Trunk Spoiler

    Hey guys, Im looking for a OEM trunk spoiler for my S15. Preferably in white and great condition ;) but most is of interest. If anyone know where to get one, or has one over please contact me =) I live in Sweden, but shipping shouldnt be a problem. Cheers / Mag
  11. H

    Two 12" subs in the trunk? (boot for you "English" speaking folks)

    I'm trying to fit two 12" subs in the trunk of my S15 and was wondering if anyone has some pictures of some installed. I'm trying to get some ideas on how to build the box. I also have a methanol tank and pump to work around. I already have the trunk stripped and the spare tire removed.
  12. TriniGT

    Grounding Kit for a Car with Battery Relocated to the Trunk

    Does it make sense to have a grounding kit installed on a car that has the battery relocated to the trunk area?
  13. G

    Ultimate Carbon Fiber Thread!

    I hope I'm allowed to start something like this.. (being a newbie on here and all :) ) but, as I'm slowly going crazy looking for carbon goodies for the S15, I figured a post like this one would have helped me tremendously.. Please add so that we can have everything on one thread! If anyone...
  14. R

    Rattling Trunk Problem

    Hi Guys, I recently got a Silvia S15 Spec S and noticed it gets a little noisy when I drive. The roads I drive also does not help as we got lots of potholes here. Anyways The problem is this metallic rattling sound which comes from the trunk when I go over "uneven" road. Can't figure out what...
  15. T

    Fitting an z32 A/F Meter

    Hi All, had a search but im getting mixed results... I'm buying one of these with a polug fitted, so hoping the wiring will be a plug and play affair. However, Is it true the elephant trunk will not be large enough and need replacing? if so whats the best option? Also will I need a new...
  16. J

    Hi-Tech Security is here

    This has probably done the rounds but I love it! So thought I'd post it for your enjoyment. The Trunk Monkey is here!