1. AllanOrr

    OEM DumpValve Mod

    Tryed a wee search there before putting this up but didnt have much luck :wack: have any of you guys tryed doing the mod to the standard dumpvalve?, a bit pratted for cash at this point in time so the SSQV3 is a few months away yet.
  2. G

    D2S HID Globes

    one of my head lights blew the other night have had a hell of a time trying to get some new ones can any one tell me where i might get some in aus, ive looked on ebay but all the D2S's are in hong kong and U.S and No auto shops have the globes or can get them down here dont audi's and most new...
  3. D

    WTB: Stainless Steel Tail Protector

    Hi lads lookin for the protector for the rear bumper that goes over the exhaust i know its a genuine nissan accessory tryed nissan here but not much help:(
  4. D

    wise square kit

    i know wise square have sold up but i know someone is still making the kits, any ideas on who to contact to get hold of it as my japenese is crap:cry: tryed two bodyshops already but noone can seem to find out where to get them
  5. C

    Anybody tryed this out or know if there any good ?

    Looking around on and found this: Think they look kinda cool, anybody know if there and good ?