1. S

    Z32 maf

    Hey guys, recently bought a s15 with some decent mods, but it seems like the previous owner didn't know half of whats actually on the car. I found it has full Cusco coilovers all around, tein torsion bars. The latest thing i found is that it has a z32 MAF, correct me if im wrong but the car...
  2. JDM_virgin

    s tune nismo suspension?

    I found these on ebay, but dont know if they are the s tune nismo suspension or another nismo variant. Im only interested as I'd rather have the s tune suspension than coil overs. but dont want to buy if they are the same height as the stock setup. From what i can see on RHDjapan, the s tune...
  3. S

    Wideband help needed?

    Hi guys i just bought a wideband lm2 innovative from ebay which is not a basickit . it include all additional items (its more then a basic kit) now actually i want to know that i bought this for my s15 running on power fc now problem is that if wideband only shows sensors activity and diagnosis...
  4. S


    Hi all am chasing the 200kw at the wheels. I Was looking for a some advice from ppl that have or is close to that mark. my car has a full exhuast system air intake front mount, ebc, colder spark plugs, fuel pump and going to do last modding of z32 and 740 cc nismo inejctors and tune with...
  5. P

    tuning non turbo

    what the best way to tune my non turbo s15 any help thanks
  6. Sideways Simon....

    FS: For Sale: Nismo S Tune suspension

    Nismo s tune suspension for sale from my s15, in excellent condition, no knocks or bangs and no leaks.. will fit s14/s14a/s15 €300 + p&p
  7. C

    Tomei stage 1 Ecu, is it safe to run?

    I got my hands one a stage 1(d-1) Tomei Ecu, and was intended to plug and play and see how it goes but after a chat with a few guys, my concern is the ecu will be tuned to different fuel (100 octane fuel in japan) and along with different climate levels it shouldn't be advise to put it in...
  8. S

    Intake+FMIC+exhaust = what do you guys use to tune it...

    :oWell i am planing on spending most of my hard worked for cash on suspension... So to save money i will pretty much buy every parts Japspeed makes for the S15: Intake with plate (i will look for some samco hose to finish the piping) Exhaust (cat back, with high flow cat, and i ll ask them to...
  9. R

    Engine upgrades and information needed

    Hi i'm looking for someone with exspeariance with S15's. I would like to know more about the S15 (SR20DET) Engine. Would also like a list of good websites so i know where to look when i wan't to tune my engine. Would appresiate your help, many thanks Ross, Feal free to comment whenever you like...
  10. S

    My Ricey Audi tune lol

    Do not spew at me lol I just happened to buy one when I was surfing but not sure of using it.........
  11. N

    Black S15

    Figured I would make a post introducing myself Im Brett, I own a Nissan 200SX (ie. siliva) S15 Spec S GT. Brought it was ~70,000km's on it. Pics when I first got it. Since then, got an Apexi GT Exhaust, Greddy Intercooler Kit and put a HDI Boost Controler on it, threw it on the dyno and...
  12. K

    S15s from Malaysia

    Hey guys, Am starting a thread to show you guys S15s from Malaysia. First up would be this car which I saw a few weeks ago and had a short ride in it. This is one of the drifters from Toyo Tires Malaysia, claimed to be 500hp, but didn't feel like it at all. Maybe its in the tune ? *shrugs*...
  13. raytsang

    Adjustable pulley with NVCS

    found this nice part on the Boss Auto Produce site it's a LAP "NVCS adjustment pulley" http://www.apboss.com/english/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=34&Itemid=50 very useful for those what to fine tune the cams. and keep NVCS
  14. koullis

    e manage ultimate map

    hey guys, does anybody have a modified base map for s15 sr20de? i am going turbo and changing internals and i can't tune it on a dyno before i brake in the engine. what shall i do?
  15. F

    Hey...potential owner here.

    Hi guys, I was reffered here by InitialD when I put up a thread on another website asking what car I should get next. Well, guess what he suggested? :annoyed: My name is Rik, I'm 21 and live just outside lichfield in the west midlands. Gonna have a quick look around and do some general...
  16. M

    WV2 (Pewter) S15 photos

    HI! Post here only WV2 (Pewter) color S15. Very interesting how peoples tune they...
  17. A

    Supercharger for s14/s15!!!

    Supercharger for s14/s15 sr20de and sr20det!!! Just found this kit on Yahoo. looks crazy.... will fit to sr20det and sr20de!!!! will be better ? how much power (for sr20det and sr20de)? and how to tune ecu???
  18. A

    My PFC Map...

    Maybe to post your PFC map here with tune list??? My is: http://nismo-club.ru/albert/albert.xls My tune list: sr20det 180sx rps13 black head, HKS 2530, 850cc, Walbro 255h/l, FMIC, BOV HKS SSQV, full exhaust from turbo 3", apexi pfc, apexi avc-r. And 1.2-1.4Bar :D
  19. A

    Anyone building a full tune s15?

    Been browsing the net lately, seen some complete rebuilds of s13's/s14's, namely in the UK/USA, but I'm yet to see any complete s15 rebuild's.... I'm sure there are some lurking around, anyone have some links/info? Interested to see what our cars are capable of at full tune :thumbs: