1. N80Jamie

    Fmic fitment help

    I know a number of people have had problems with fitting the Japspeed style intercooler kits and now I'm one of them! Having problems with the cold pipe (pictured below); the thicker breather pipe is pointing directly downwards onto the fan cover. I've been told by a friend that the best job is...
  2. fez06

    need advice on this manifold

    its an Hdev i think came of my mates s14 just wondered if its anys good as cylinder 3+4 seem very short and others i have seen for sale are all they same length and twist around cheers
  3. P

    how to remove gear knob?

    ok guys i have picked up my s15 this weekend and it needs a bit of sorting out cosmetically. i was just wondering if the gear knob twist off or you have to cut it off? i have given it a slight twist but dont want to break anything, any help would be great. thanks.