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    Integra Type-R, and another happy Detailing Jem customer.

    Yesterday I made Deacon from SXOC look like this: Mainly because this morning his very tidy Honda Integra Type-R looked like this, the paint was VERY flat, dull looking and had faded to a very off white: So the car was cleaned, clayed, treated to paint correction and lastly protected...
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    Hiya guys, Just thought I'd say hello! I'm not looking to become an S15 owner right this moment but it's certainly a car that's on my maybe list; together with a 350Z, TT Supra, T25 Scooby, EVO 6 TME, E46 M3, Mk2 RS Focus......! I've currently got my sensible head on so I've got a BMW E36 328...
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    Hi all, Thought i'd join up after always being a huge fan of the S15. Am hopefully looking to buy one in the very near future and thought i'd take a look about. I'm 21 (22 in a week) and am a freelance photographer. Currently drive a highly modified 2004 Civic Type-R EP3 :wave: