1. Nicely

    Hotmail accounts

    Just to let those concerned know, I will be changing the status of any accounts with Hotmail email addresses I receive bounce notices for to 'Awaiting Email Confirmation'. This means that you will be unable to post until you re-confirm your email address. This might give you the nudge you need...
  2. Joeh

    I can't sleep :(

    This is happening daily now.. Waking up at 3:30 and just lying in bed unable to sleep... Anyone else awake?
  3. fez06

    exhaust dilema

    Right i heard loads of different stories about fitted an s14 exhaust to an s15 and vis versa. Just need advise on what id need. Iv got an s14 turbo elbow and down pipe and was looking at buying an S15 brand new blitz nur spec R due to being unable to find a second hand one. what size decat...
  4. T

    Posting on forum from mobile

    Hi guys, I've got a HTC Desire HD and am unable to post threads, send PM's or reply's on the forum, I can view it fine but am unable to write text at all. Any help appreciated. Tom