1. M

    WTB: Stock s15 front bumper, sides, and rear

    Looking for oem non aero kit for my s15. Can do a deal with my unfitted vertex kit from carbonkits on here. Excellent fit, just want a more subtle car.
  2. M

    HEL braided brake lines

    Hey folks. I have 2 spare kits left for the s15 that a couple of people couldn't pay for. Brand new, unfitted, still in packaging one kit is orange in colour and the other is clear hose stainless £65 each please located in fife, scotland
  3. AllanOrr

    FS: Origin Style 25mm Front Wings (Unfitted)

    Hi guys, Decided to go down a slightly different path with the styling on my S15 and now wont be running another Drift kit as I can get the Bodykit I want copyed for roughly the same money which would make more sense to be honest :) Sooo I am selling the Origin styled 25mm Front wings I got...