1. S

    FS: S15 VPR (V Power / Viper / Vapor etc)

    Hi Guys, I fancy a change for my plate so am thinking of selling the current one S15 VPR. Would anyone be interested in it? Think it would be good with the VPR representing V Power with the silvia's only taking this rather than standard unleaded :)
  2. Sparky

    Urgently need super unleaded in Ireland

    Staying near Galway and moving on to Cork tomorrow and will need to refuel very soon. Are there any local owners that can help with stockists in the area or will I have to go in search of Octane booster, as there only seem to be regular unleaded stockists ! cheers, Mark.
  3. D

    Buying an S15

    Are there any things in particular I need to look for? Also are the engines on a cambelt or timing chain? And I know to run it on super unleaded but would a car thats been freshly imported need to be mapped to run super or would it be fine as it is?
  4. mint

    Petrol BAH!

    here we go again.. usual petrol rant! Got a call from my mate with a Super Charged lexus last night to tell me "Aberdeen is out of Petrol" and im like.. eh? Turns out.. Diesel ran out, Unleaded ran out.. and by the time i was done work today everyone bought Vpower because there was no...