1. B

    FS: Wheel arch roller

    SOLD........... Paid £70 for this a few weeks ago, used twice and did exactly what I wanted it to do. £35 delivered This one included several different size spigot rings for perfect mounting on the hub unlike the cheaper ones I looked at Located Northwest Pete 07917 697574 Sent from...
  2. E

    Can u swap s15 ecus between cars?

    My car wont spark and suspecting its a ecu problem..can i swap it for another? I mailed a person selling one and he said its a jap ecu unlike european ones which have nats? What does he mean by that:confused::rolleyes:
  3. CMR

    FS: Blitz Front Pipe

    As above, had a bit of an exhaust swap around this weekend so this is up for sale; Blitz Front Pipe for S15 Been on the car for around 3000 miles, full stainless excellent condition just discoloured because of the heat it's exposed to. Bracket lines up perfectly with the gearbox mount unlike...