1. B

    Hi, Northwest

    Hi, looking for a good source of information on the s15. Not owned one before but just imported this spec s. Im planning a sr20det conversion after I've sorted out some bodywork mods I've been planning. Maybe upload a bit of a project thread as I've never done one before, always bought cars that...
  2. N80Jamie

    FS: OEM Cloth s15 Spec R Passenger Seat

    As per title, in very good condition. I don't have pictures just yet but will upload some as soon as i can! Price - £60
  3. S

    Hello! I'm from Malaysia

    Hi Everyone! I just got my S15 about a month ago... I'm Steven and I'm from Malaysia :) It's nice to be part of the Nissan Silvia family. I'll upload some pics of my car soon.
  4. D

    Modification to the front bumper

    http://pixelcube.hu/gregvcd/index.php?site=info&lng=&car=013 nissan silvia s15.jpg what you guys think about the modification? and if anyone has done it upload some pictures
  5. D

    newest s15 in the caribbean island

    guys thats all the pictures i have for now. it need some cleaning up. my goal is to make a sleeper and get her up to 400hp. I drove it today and it seems pretty much slow. i guess is because it's still stock. I will upload some more detail pics when i clean her up. oh iam missing the rear number...
  6. N

    Former FTO owner.....

    HELLO :wave: After wanting an S15 since i first saw one 3 years ago, I finally managed to get the money together to own one, thought I'd say a quick hello, I'll upload some Pictures over the weekend!!
  7. B

    Hi All, from Malaysia

    Billy 20 Hi All, I am from Malaysia and own as Spec R and would like to join the club. Will upload photos of my Ride soon.
  8. J

    Im Back again lol

    hey ppl, I have been on the missing list for a while. some if you may remember i crashed my '02 spec r a while back. well i couldn't do without one for long and im back in the sr20 books again.:cool::thumbs: picked up a 99 spec r in pewter silver, it has the built in sat nav. does anyone know...
  9. D

    Polish guy in Scotland driving Japanese car :)

    Hi Everybody My name is Greg, I come from Poland, live in Glasgow, drive Nissan S15 spec R. It is very clean configuration, just one modification - BOV. That's all from me, hope photos will upload ;)
  10. J

    FS: 18"weed sport wheels!!or swap

    well guys sellin my wheels,will sell them for 650 with tyres..paid 1100 bout 6 weeks ago or will swap them for preffarbly a set of 17" want something gold bronze gunmetal or with a polished lip. cant seem to upload pics but on the homepage of the site there on the grey s15 second car in.but pm...
  11. E

    S15 FRP Dm-Style Roof Spoiler

    Hi all, Just arrived yesterday!!! 5 avaliable We have some more stuff but dont have a chance to take some pic yet, as soon as they unpack, I will upload some picture up here. Thanks Jeffrey
  12. rudd-o

    FS: S15 Stock Suspensions almost new for sale.

    Hello Im selling 2 pairs of front and rear suspensions for S15 SpecR . Are in almost new condition (ill upload some pictures soon) . Price 500GBP + shipping costs. Item location : Greece.
  13. U


    i just baught a 2002 gunmetal grey spec s no pix as yet its still stock as a rock, got that ugly spec R wing :P ill upload some soon looking forward to puttin my 2 cents in to this forum :) im from sydney btw
  14. A

    Japfest in Moscow

    Here are fotos from Japfest in Moscow: http://photofile.ru/users/nismo/1335198/ soon will be upload my little drift video there =)
  15. C

    Knock Knock

    Hi... I am Dennis and i am new here... I used to own a Nissan 200SX (S14) for couple of years when i was still studying in Melbourne, Austrialia. Now I have a JDM Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Aero (hmm i have taken out all the aero parts so i am not sure whether is it still called Aero? hehe) which...