1. mixvariety

    WTB: Dash Vent

    As above, just after one dash vent as one of mine has broken flaps! Thanks.
  2. F

    S15 airvent

    Does any one know if a nissan Pixo air vent is the same as the s15?
  3. F

    WTB: S15 air vent

    As above require one complete air vent, cash waiting
  4. C

    WTB: A few standard parts required

    Hi all, I'm after the following parts for my newly acquired S15.. - Standard steering wheel (any condition, no airbag) - Standard or subtle aftermarket gear knob - 1x air vent Please drop me a PM if you can help. Thanks, Craig.
  5. N

    FS: Pewter Grey Spec R S15

    SOLD-Pewter Grey Spec R S15 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R for sale Freshly imported from Japan in April via Torque GT. Was inspected and fully undersealed. Very clean underneath with no rust at all 79k miles, one japanese owner from new and full japanese service history. I then serviced it when i...
  6. S

    FS: Defi controller and gauge ready for a s15.

    up for sale is my Defi-Link setup from my s15. defi-link controller with DEFI CR 60mm boost gauge already fitted into a modified s15 vent pod. pop your vent out and this fits straight in and looks factory. boost sensors, power leads and link wires are present. Great for someone looking to...
  7. JDM_virgin

    WTB: Air Vent

    anyone got a spare air vent they want to sell as one of mine is broken. thanks
  8. G

    WTB: s15 centre dash vent

    one of the flaps on my dash vent is broken so i would like a whole new vent, i assume that they are all the same. cheers gaz.
  9. S

    Factory Option - Aluminium Vent Rings

    Hey Guys, Looking for a set of the factory option aluminum vent rings. Does anyone know the part number, or even better have a set they want to part with? Thanks for your help.
  10. S15AK

    WTB: Interior air vent

    As title, I'm after one of the interior air pods, the 60mm circular vent. Need one to chop up so as long as the silver ring is fine I will take it. Cheers
  11. S

    What's your opinion about fender vent?

    I think both of these are Vertex Ridge? But one doesn't have a vent on fender where there is indicator and the other has it. To me, non vent looks nice only because vented one doesn't line up well. vent line doesn't end up anywhere like main side lines on the body.... What ya think?
  12. DeanS15

    front fenders

    does anyone know if there is an origin dealer in the uk or if there is anyone that does perfect fit origin front fenders like in the picture (+25mm)? jeffrey if you're reading this do you have anything the same as the origin, its important that the vent be the same and the fitment is flush with...
  13. P

    WTB: Air Vent Wanted

    As titled. 1x S15 Air Vent to fit passenger side vent (but believe they are all the same) pm me :D
  14. Robbyp

    defi fitting in centre vent

    Hey u guys that have done this do u have to use the outer of the vent to support the gauge cause hole is to big for gauge on its own!!
  15. S

    Vented bonnet

    Do those bonnets with vent really helps for any reason? I know lifted bonnet hinges doesn't work but I heard that reverse vent in the middle helps the temperature down. Any legit source? What about vents on sides? One facing front and the other reverse vent?