1. Johnny

    WTB: Right plastic pillar(driver side) from Spec-S

    Hi I need right pillar without any gauge..there was in spec s version PM
  2. spoonman

    whats happend to RHDJapan, have they teamed up with a japan version of ebay
  3. N80Jamie

    WTB: DMAX Rear Lights

    Looking for a set of these so i can sell my Yoshio LED set. I'm after the LED version only. Thanks!
  4. CMR

    FS: HKS EVC 5, Depo Boost, H&R 5mm Spacers, OEM Lambda Sensor, DMAX LED Lights, Nismo

    HKS EVC 5, Depo Boost, H&R 5mm Spacers, OEM Lambda Sensor, DMAX LED Lights, Nismo Few Items for sale below, Payment via Paypal will be + Fees or Bank Transfer D-MAX LED Rear Lights Arguably the best lights for the S15, these are the LED version from D-MAX Japan, not the cheaper halogen...
  5. T

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 - Rare Autech Version + Mods

    Fresh Import Rare Autech Version S15 just arrived from Japan. Great condition and looks awesome with the modifications. The Mods are Aftermarket Front Bumper, Carbon Bonnet, Aero Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Volks Racing Alloy Wheels, HKS Coilovers, FSK Manifold, 5Zeigen Exhaust, ARC Induction...
  6. DeanS15

    Wheres the full site gone from mobile devices?

    I cleared the cookies on my iphone the other day, now I can only access the mobile version of the site but I always used the full version.... Does anyone know how I can go back to the full site as there doesn't appear to be an option.... Cheers.
  7. C

    FS: X Box 360 Pro Console (60GB) HDMI version

    X Box 360 Pro 60GB Comes boxed and in virtually as new condition. It is the latest version with the HDMI output, wireless controler etc. Comes with everything that was in the box when new. I've barely used it at all, just haven't got time for things like this now. Never had any problems with...
  8. C

    FS: HKS Hi-Power cat-back exhaust - S15 fitment

    HKS Hi-Power exhaust for sale You can't buy this system for the S15 anymore as HKS have discontinued it a few years ago. They still make it for the S14 but it is not the same as the S15 version. The muffler has a JASMA certification plate on it and does not have the 2.5" restriction that...
  9. C

    FS: Link: Garrett GT2871R turbo .64/52 - £650

    This is for sale on SXOC but is a decent price and from a good seller. I have spoken to him and was going to buy it myself but changed my mind after a chat with the gf :( It's the .64 AR 52 trim version too - I'm sure someone on here will want it. It's 6 months old, 6 months warranty...
  10. E

    Unused front kit trial version

    Hi anything want to trade with my kit? Anybody interested?? Just text me up.. :smitten:
  11. W

    Need help! R-Vit-i color

    so i just sold my R-vit type II and bought an i-color.. HOWEVER.. the harness is totally different. i think its an obd1 setup.. its only like 5 wires it CANT be that damn hard to just wire it right in but i cant find a pinout on this thing to save my life. any ideas? do you think it would work...
  12. B

    Converting S15 into left hand drive?

    Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to convert S15 to a left hand drive, also how much would it cost? The problem is that I live in Germany and local authorities here don't allow cars with right hand drive. It is possible to buy a S14 with LHD here, but I'm not really into that version...
  13. subzero

    oil catch cans ??

    Recommended , good addition for the engine ??? love the look of the cusco part but wud like it to be functional as well ?? there seems to be differnet version a 9mm and a 15mm , which is correct for a spec r ??
  14. D

    Driftworks S15 Desktop

    Nicely asked me to post this here :cool:. I've made a desktop photo using a picture I took on the weekend. If anyone else is interested, here you go :thumbs: : 1600 version 1200 version 1024 version 800 version :thumbs:
  15. B

    another newbie added!

    Hey everyone! :wave: I've been drooling over S15's for a while now... and will do for quite sometime until I save enough money! :nod: :smitten: However, I do have some questions.. first and foremost: Why did Australia get the 140ish KW version? I feel so ripped off :cry: lol And is the...
  16. P

    Hey! Silvia in Cali representin!

    I just got my 2000 s15. I love it. I've been trying to get one for 2 years now and finally got it! Does anyone know the differences between the autech version and the spec-r? Because I got the Autech version, and I think I want to drop the sr20det in it. I "HEARD" the wiring is exactly the...