1. Jaydej


    Hey all, my car has recently developed a vibration when I'm in 5th or 6th cgear and slowly climbing between 60-80mph, recently I have fitting 330mm ksports and also new wheels with second hand tyres (my tyre shop said they wheela are fine and have balanced them twice) there is no vibration on...
  2. M

    vibration after HPI engine damper install

    Hey guys i just installed a HPI engine damper in my s15 and have noticed a little extra vibration through the sterring wheel....just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is this normal??? or do i need to readjust the damper ???
  3. D

    Newbie :)

    Hiii Was pointed in the direction of this site by a lad i'm hopefully buying a Spec R off...Paul D S15 or something...his is the pearl white with gold Rays wheels in the classifieds Anyway something i want to ask; theres a vibration in the wheel around 60-70mph, could it just be from clipping...
  4. P

    very very bad steering vibration

    well its been awhile.... I get very bad vibration or shacking from the steering in the car of late. it comes and goes, so not the usual wheel balance stuff this vibration is much worse. feels like a wheel is about to fall of or some thing. some times hard to keep the steering steady can happen...
  5. 1

    PU Locking Collar

    Saw this in Superpro site, what do you guys rate this thing. PU insted of aluminum, which should cut down vibration as well as noise. Was thinking of getting this instead of Pineapple.