1. Re-VolveR

    vids and pics from KAZAN-RING

  2. LuPix_S15

    Interested in getting vids from track/drift days?? READ THIS!!

    A mate sent me this link from thread on SXOC... looks like brilliant value for money way of getting action vids from track/drift days. I've ordered a couple of these babies from eBay (link is in first post of the thread) - for a little over £9 you really can't complain. Can't wait to test...
  3. E

    Another australian..Black 01 Spec S

    Hey All, Don't know how I didn't stumble upon this site sooner. Anyway I'm from Melbourne Australia.. Have a Aussie delivered 2001 model Spec S Not really modded.. I actually had a turbocharged micra previously and just want to DRIVE now..instead of constantly fixing.. I've started to do a...
  4. R


    Ive seen alot of crazy car vids but this one takes the cake.