1. gaz15

    WTB: WANTED - Rear view mirror

    looking for a rear view mirror for an s15
  2. Joeh

    New Integrated Homepage

    New Homepage Trial! Just an early introduction to our potentially new integrated homepage, it's still in testing mode and a lot to be changed and tested but please give us your feedback! The link to the homepage is in the top left hand corner of the screen, or it can be seen by visiting S15...
  3. Chriscooke

    Cheap type r for someone.

    Cheap Spec R for someone. Thought I'd give you guys a heads up as this seems pretty cheap to me. If I had the money i'd view it at the very least :)
  4. J

    The word is out

    This car made headlines in Australia. view the link: Now we have retrieved the registration documents and they support the auction papers information. THIS...
  5. J

    Are your car's kms correct?

    ​We can check the odometer reading before export of any secondhand Japanese Import. Please view our store where you can save 10% compared to ebay: Regards, JOC
  6. adzsy

    FS: Clarion VZ409E Touch Screen DVD games system + Free View TV

    Clarion VZ409E Touch Screen DVD games system + Free View TV Comes with Stereo/DVD/Screen Free view box + aerial (this needs the aerial cable fixing as I had to cut it) 3 Remotes - 1 for Stereo, 1 for games and one for free view box. 1 DVD Game - Can't remember what its called. This cost over...
  7. C

    WTB: S15 interior parts

    I'm after the following parts for my S14a Front sunvisors, both interior lights (these must be black), rear view mirror Thanks
  8. T

    Posting on forum from mobile

    Hi guys, I've got a HTC Desire HD and am unable to post threads, send PM's or reply's on the forum, I can view it fine but am unable to write text at all. Any help appreciated. Tom
  9. L

    Forum Help: Permissions

    Hello, It seems my other forum account has been stripped of all its permissions. I can't post, make a thread, view members posts etc. Is there a reason for that?
  10. DeanS15

    forum a bit....glitchy???

    i dont know if anyone else has this but most of the threads i look at now the forum is updated have pics/posts overlapping each other - pics and text are covered over making me unable to view some of it - does anyone else have this???
  11. J

    FS: S15 Bootlid and Carbon Fibre Spoiler.

    ITEM NOW SOLD! Hi Guys, After the build of our new drift cars, we have various parts left over that we are looking to sell. Here is a picture of Danny's car with the bootlid and spoiler fitted. Here are a few pictures of the bootlid and carbon fibre spoiler. Rear view Front...
  12. adz87kc

    wheel carrier?

    hey guys, has anyone used before? if so whats your view of their service
  13. channie

    This site seems to be far superior than the sxoc!!

    Just though i'd say that... never noticed the layout when you click view profile! I thought this was the say layout as the sxoc??
  14. S

    White Aero S15

    Theres a white S15 for sale not too far from me at a trader called Top Blitz ( I spoke to them over the phone and they said that they have their cars imported for them through an uncle and are not bought at auction. The mileage is 29k and I asked them if they had a...
  15. B

    Lightning Yellow - the new toy

    Well, I have finally bought my second 200sx but this time its a SILVIA S15 Spec-S Watch out for a mint Red S14a soon to be advertised in the For Sale section on SXOC With my modification list growing its going to be fun project over time. Here it is: Front View Rear View Interior shot...