1. Fruitbooter

    Emigrating to somewhere better than the UK

    This isn’t something I’m thinking about seriously doing however it crossed my mind earlier and thought I’d look into it. This is because I am looking at buying a house in the not so distant future and find it somewhat sickening at the amount of house you can get for your money in other...
  2. B

    WTB: S15 lsd output/halfshafts

    As the topic title says i am in search of s15 output shafts i already have a diff but unfortunatily the guy selling it needed his output shafts. Hope anyone here can help me! I can pay via bank transfer visa or paypal. I will ofcourse pay for the shipping! Best regards from holland Bas
  3. R

    WTB: LSD from manual turbo wanted

    Seller must shipp to Norway. I can pay by visa or paypal prefore UK (frigt price) Regards from Norway 1973 240Z RB26DET