1. A

    How to helical and viscous

    Hello everyone How to know if car have Helical or Viscous LSD? Anything to test it? Like wheel moving and direction? Thanks
  2. A

    Need help

    Hello guys i need help you guys identify my car, its model is GBYARUAS15U4E--A- does my car have Helical or Viscous LSD or Open differential? Thanks
  3. S15_SAM

    WTB: Low mileage viscous fan from spec r

    Hi guys. Would like a low mileage viscous fan if any of you have one when you've changed to electric. mine has abit of play and I plan on changing the belts and wouldn't mind swapping the fan for a good one.
  4. - 0h -

    S15 Viscous and Helical Diff

    Can anyone here explain to me what are the different on these two diff..? I have tried a search but couldn't really found the answer.. My car is a Spec S with Open diff...and today I have picked up the Viscous diff from Spec R Auto...Is it a good upgrade for Spec S or I shouldn't worry about...
  5. koullis

    s15 spec-s lsd

    did all jdm s15 spec s manual come with viscous lsd?
  6. Big Ned

    Limited slip diffs

    Hello, I've got a quick question. What type of LSD is fitted to the S15 Spec R? Is it ATB, Viscous coupling etc?
  7. M

    Do any S15s have open diffs?

    I only ask because when I spun a wheel when the car was in the air today, the other didn't move and the propshaft span. When the prop was held, the opposite wheel went in the other direction. I thought it would have had a viscous diff, but need to know so I get the correct 2 way diff for it.
  8. channie

    Ive really damaged myself!

    The story begins... Iwas on my way to a SW SXOC meet at lunch time today... when we arrived i pooped the bonnet to ask an owner about re using the aircon fan instead of the viscous... at this point my engine was still running... i turned on the air con to activate the electric fan, but nothing...
  9. P

    Qestion for the New Boy...

    hi, im a new boy to this site. I have few questions about the ratteling noise from the airbag (horn) place in the steering wheel. My mate has R34 GTR but his one doesnt rattle like mine (They looked same :P except GTR label). Does any1 have same problem? and any1 know how to stop it? (Easiest...