1. Joeh

    IMPORTANT: This forum has now been integrated into normal "For Sale" posts.

    We have now removed the "WANTED" forum and instead integrated "WTB" (Wanted to Buy) ads within the relevant sections. If you want to post a "Wanted" Post, please visit the relevant classified ads section and create a new post. For example: If you wish to look for a car, please visit the "Cars...
  2. lvaleiron

    Going to Europe in september, any club meetings or car owners nearby?

    Hi guys! I'll be going to Europe on September to October, and wanted to know if any club meetings, car meetings or perhaps any silvia owner is going to be close by to pay a visit and maybe some beers!! my dates as of now are these: Sept 21 - 27 Paris (probably visit another city in the week...
  3. M

    Any silvias in Cork?

    Hi everybody, any mate from Cork could tell me any activity or nice places to visit around there? my girlfriend is currently living there and i´m gonna visit her in february. If someone wanna meet to know people from the forum it´ll be a pleasure.:) Regards
  4. slammedmind

    aus suto salon pics

    not mine just a forum i like to visit, some very nice s15's here among others
  5. B

    Bling Products

    Hi and i'm Bart and have been producing highly polished stainless steel items for the s13, 14,14a and 15's. These include: Hotpipes Induction boxes Coil pack covers fuse box covers abs covers cooling panels and many other parts. To view other items either visit Creaseys site then the bling...