1. S15AK

    VVT rattle

    Hi guys Just asking if anyone has had the VVT rattle and replaced the VTC sprocket to fix it? Only asking as I've got the rattle and I know I could maybe go with a black top head and remove the VVT altogether but didn't want to lose that mid range torque. So I've ended up buying a new VTC...
  2. Ghost

    VTC solenoid

    is it ok/safe to drive with it disconnected??
  3. sjt47y

    VTC and uprated springs

    Hi Guys I think this topic could have been touch many times. but cannot find answer relating to this problem that i am facing, need expert help. I know the vtc is a very common issue. further digging i think this problem can also be caused by uprated aftermarket springs. I do not recall...
  4. A


    hi , just wondering if the s15 VTC makes a ticking noise at low RPM underload??
  5. K

    VTC or Non VTC

    Hey guys, this has been a debatable question to most but what are the pros and cons of having VTC? Has anyone had any experience? Im just thinking about removing it because of the dreaded VTC rattle.
  6. S

    VTC Solenoid question

    hi guys, I have a question here regarding about the VTC solenoid. I was told that the VTC solenoid will have a 'clicking' sound when ever the VTC is activated. For an E.g. your car is at stationary and you are at first gear. the moment you tap the gas paddel a little, you will hear the VTC...
  7. S

    POWER FC information needed

    guys, i got myself a powerFC Djetro for my s15, and i use the FC commander and do a sensor/sw check. i realize that the VTC is not 'ON' or in other words is not a BLACK DOT. may i know whats the problem? and also mechanic also did ask me why the VTC cant be set cause he had a customer with...