1. oilman

    WIN tickets to the Wales Rally GB

    Our friends at Millers Oils have very kindly given us one pair of tickets to give away for the Wales Rally GB. Tickets allow entry from Friday 14th November through to Saturday and Sunday. This will be a actioned packed weekend featuring some of the best drivers in the world, so make sure...
  2. Rhys5815

    New Spec r owner from South Wales

    Hi I'm Rhys from tenby South Wales been wanting an s15 for ages now so I sold my 300bhp glanza and bought an s15. I'm also an MOT tester so if anyone has any questions about mot stuff just ask :-) any way here is my s15 Have got got more pics but couldn't get them to work anyway bought it in...
  3. H

    Afternoon all you s15 owners Im Matt I'm 25 and I'm from Barry in south Wales, don't actually own an s15 but if I did it would be the spec-r by far :D Anyways the reason I'm here is to extend an invite to your community from ours, I'm the Cardiff and Barry area rep for south Wales on...
  4. S

    Import help!

    Hi. I'm a new member to the site (been nosing on here as a non member for a while) and am very interested in joining the s15 team. Fancied one for a couple of years now, and I've finally managed to save some money up to make my purchase. I've seen a couple I like on the 'trade car view'...
  5. T

    wots a crackin lacking

    how ya my name is dave i am from wales but i live in ireland in kildare now
  6. B

    newbie from swansea south wales.

    Hello, The names Anthony, im from swansea south wales and im currently importing an s15, so i thout id sign up. forum looks really good, how do i go about gettin your club stickers for the rear quarter windows?