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    FS: sr20det full top mount turbo setup, greddy td06-20g pretty much brand new

    Greddy TD06 20G virtual brand new bolted up and was due for mapping but a lack of funds means its got to go. zero play and 100% working perfect Manifold braced and adapted for turbo Custom down pipe with flex to fit standard exhaust, ( sensor not included ) 3 month old genuine 38mm...
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    Just thought I would share my joy after puling my finger out of my chocolate starfish and running some metal polish over my headlights. WOW what a difference, 10 mins and it looks like a new set of lights. Sorry for a waste of a post but I'm feeling chuffed and as I got the info on how to...
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    Waste gate chatter

    Hi all, Does anyone know if you should be able to hear any waste gate chatter on an S15?? I am used to an S13 chatter when i change gear, however i thought an S15 had a recirc valve fitted which stopped this?? :confused: My car has an induction kit, and is currently boosting at approx...
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    external waste gate+intercooler question

    ok folks since my turbo trouble i have fitted a part or 2.... i got my hands on hks actuator, a 2nd hand s15 turbo and i also bought a manifold,fmic kit and a screamer pipe off this guy, i just wonderin would a external waste gate go onto my screamer pipe as car sounds like mani is blown when...
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    Do r33gtst callipers fit under stock s15 rims. I think i have read they do on ns.com but I searched yesterday and could not confirm. Don't want to waste money buying them to find they don't fit.