1. N

    Chasing 350hp + at the rears

    Hey guys I'm tony. I have a 180sx with the s15 motor in it. It has a t3 top mount turbo with garret internals, not sure wat turbo it is exactly. Its a stock motor otherwise and I'm putting a fmic and looking to run about 11-12 psi boost. Just wondering wat other mods do I have to do to get 350+...
  2. S

    buying my first S15

    hey guys, new to this... im goin looking at a s15 during the week, this 1... http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/cars/1306907 can any 1 tell me wat they tink??? thanks guys
  3. S


    hey guys my car just missfiring who can help me wont go any higher rpm than 4000 wat the go guys thanks
  4. sparks

    cut wires at ecu?

    today found some wires joined to some ecu wiring but are just cut was wondering wat they could have been used for? maybe a boost controller and if so wat type. no 47 power supply ecu no 39 ground ecu no 2 rpm signal no 20 throttle position sensor
  5. O

    S15 Front End and SR20 DET in 96 Neon

    Any one wanna give me any ideas on wat i would have to do to make this possible? i wanted a project and i thought about this one and i think it would be very unique once is done. And also wat would i need to make a Neon RWD? cause when i put the SR20 in i will have to have it RWD.
  6. D

    Wide bodykit!

    Anyone know wat sort off money the wide body vertex ridge kit would be to get done over here or even how much that kit is in japan???
  7. S

    turbo advice needed.....

    Got a 2nd hand standard turbo of a s15 and its fitted etc etc ya no everythin is ok but the oil return line from turbo to sump off my original turbo is too small to fit the new turbo anyone shed any light on to why this is and how to resolve it my mechanic says the pipe off my turbo is half...
  8. D


    Well wat can i say apart from awesome. Finally picked it up yesterday and i'm speachless totally. Wat a thrill and buzz, truly awesome. Stands out from the crowd and just drives like a dream with power to spare Gunna have to go to a track day to learn how to control the beast :D , lost the...