1. V

    WTB: Expansion tank

    Hi guys, Has anyone got an expansion tank kicking around? Mine is cracked and the car did a little wee the other day...
  2. dudley97

    WTB: s 15 door cards

    has anyone got a pasanger side inner door card? anyone got a dash insert the wee box at the the left of the sterring wheel...
  3. AllanOrr

    WTB: Some Silly Bits

    Hi guys wondering if anyone has one of the rubber plugs spare for capping off the rear wiper, and in the centre console there is a wee foam lining thats kinda spongy :wack: cheers guys
  4. moomin

    Exhaust Q

    Should be getting my first "proper" piece of kit for my car, hurrah!!! I know this question has been asked before, so please dont shout at me!!! im looking at the Apex s14/a twin exit system (front pipe, decat, rear section & box) will this fit straight on, i seem to remember nicely saying it...
  5. irvs

    isle of cats with no tails (man)

    hey all been away working isle of man (spark) and dam i had a great time;) thing is ive never seen so many high performance cars im my life exept at a "cruse" everything from evoIX's to mx5's though sadly never seen an s15. though i think my work hire car was better than any, a 1.2 16v 06...