1. A

    Stock Wheel Weight

    Hey, I am really thinking about buying a set of 350z rims for my car. They are 225 45 18" 8.0 +30 on the front and 245 45 18" 8.5 +33 on the rear. I think I will probably need new tyres but not sure. Do you guys think they will fit a stock s15 without having to roll gaurds or stuff like that...
  2. Yakozan

    How much does your S15 weight?

    Just wondering how much the average S15 weights. Nissan Japan states 1240kg (or was it 1260) for a Spec-R S15. My car was 1360kg when I registered it here in Sweden. That is calculated with all fluids in the car and a 70kg driver is added. How many of you have the weight of your cars? Would be...