1. tooley

    Video of me and richy drifting

    take a look was a wicked day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc8xZjLBFj8
  2. tooley

    New Pic of the 15 (couldnt miss this photogeneric opportunity)

    Parked up behind my step dads house in wales the weekend as i came back to the car i took a pic since the background was wicked :D Cant wait unitll i get the advans painted white and slam her on coilovers!
  3. sushiming

    Merry Christmas

    Just a Merry Christmas to all you guys who still support the forum, I know i dont appear on here much but i will always be apart of the forum. May you all have a wicked xmas and a happy new year.
  4. C

    Hello s15oc!

    Hi eveyone, Just joined there tonight. Lovin all the info ye put together, wicked job. Keep up the great work, Ciaran.
  5. sushiming

    Top spec Silvia keke =)

    Clicky hahaha its wicked hehe :D