1. sibbers

    Hello from Greater Twickenham (Feltham, but shhhh) :)

    Alright chaps, Recent new s15 owner! Just bought one a couple of weeks back from Vinnie on these boards, car needs a bit of love but it stuck a smile on my face the moment I saw it. I used to own a fair few s13s and 14s but never really imagined I'd be able to an s15 which I first fell in love...
  2. Suspect

    Moving to Wiltshire

    Right the wife and I are moving to Wiltshire, had it with Essex property is far to expensive for what it is and its just not green enough! So I am looking for any info you guys have on garages in the area. Places to go to get work done and places to avoid at all costs! Are there many if any...
  3. Nicely


    Had about 5cm of snow this morning! Quite a rarity in Salisbury, as most snow bypasses us. Something to do with the magical repelling aura surrounding Stonehenge....probably... :p :wack: Its melting here now, but its much more severe in north Wiltshire. As I'm working in Swindon at the mo, and...