1. B

    FS: ** SOLD ** S15 Tail Lights Wisesquare Edition

    I'm selling my used and slightly damaged Wisesquare Edition LED Tail lights. The damage is to one of the corners as I caught it accidentally but can be easily repaired. Price - ?160 + P&P or buyer to collect
  2. D


    im after a set of wisesquare led rear lights, anyone know where i can get a set in the uk or do i have to try to ring wisesquare personally. my japenese is not very good:rotfl:??
  3. Nicely

    FS: Wisesquare LED tail lights **SOLD**

    I now have the set of Wisesquare LED tail lights which have been AWOL for the past year! Thanks to Elizium, who I finally got to meet this afternoon, for bringing them over from Moscow :notworthy: Obviously, I've had a set since last year, so these are up for sale to a lucky buyer! :D They...
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    Thought this may be of interest for those who are considering changing their tailights, as there are some here I haven't seen before :cool: : http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/CLEAR-SMOKED-LED-lights-for-S13-S14-S15-R32-t169715.html My choice would be the LEDs from Wisesquare, but cant...