1. Curryzz

    Sterio info:)

    Hi people! I havnt picked up my 15 yet it's coming in next week, I brought a alpine single din head unit to play my iPod on witch was in my civic, will this fit in a 15?cheers Paul
  2. S

    Some s15 drift questions

    What cluthc is best for drifting? Nismo coppermix or ORC? and witch one of those again, for around 400bhp What kind of spark pluggs is best? Denso iridium ik 24 or ngk? Uppgrade to bigger oilpan? witch one is good? Anti roll bars, whiteline or nismo? where to buy from japan? I know i...
  3. S

    Pictures of cages

    Anyone got pictures of cages for s15 witch is FIA approved?