1. kimi

    black s15 wolverhampton

    saw a nice black s15 yesterday Sunday 12th October, Tettenhall area Wolverhampton. sounded lovely & smelt nice too :nod: brought back happy s15 memories :D
  2. dave_t

    K-Sport 330mm Discs Refinishing (Skimming)

    Since i fitted my K-Sport 330mm Brake kit iv'e had some vibration under light braking. plant your foot down hard and it doesn't seem to vibrate much at all, IF at all. Now in my experience, that could only mean the discs are warped. what other reason could it be :confused: Seeing as i'm not...
  3. dave_t

    FS: Steering Wheels + Momo & Nissan Horn Pushes

    Having a clear out, first up is some of my Steering Wheel Collection (apologies for the orientation of some of the pics, Damn Iphone & Olloclip) Item for sale: Momo 360mm Description: In very good overall condition. one minor gap opening up on lower spoke (easy fix - see photo) Pics...
  4. C

    White s15, Wolverhampton ring road.

    I'm fairly sure it was Tom (sliding-r) but not certain. Was on the Wolverhampton ring road, tonight at 19.30. Would have given you a wave but wasn't in the 15. :wave: